How to betray Own Memory Before It Does It to Me

Multi-media Installation, photomontage, audio

The installation How to Betray Memory Before It Does It to Me replaces a rented home with memory. Two dwellers sit at their dining table and guess what’s behind themselves. From a single video recorded by each other, audio and visual elements are extracted and montaged in a physical space. In the 7 min-long game, when one runs out of memory, the other one hints to complete the guess. ‘Home’ that we miss eventually exists when its physical body is gone and left as memories. Before the memory fades and betrays them, dwellers do with the current status of the place. Along with the willfully deconstructed memory, the place may drift away safely.

Photographs in the project are a tool to create memory or replace it rather than a tool of remembering. The sets of images printed on A4 assembled on two walls compose the scenes of two dwellers facing. The speaker, made from a ready-to-build metal shelf - usually standing dangerously in temporary or contemporary houses- replaces the volume of a wooden dining table the dwellers sat around and plays the sound of guessing. Audiences sit across at the metal speaker and shift their glimpses along the game.

“기억에게 배신당하기 전에 배신하기” 는 장소를 잃는 상실감을 소화하는 프렉티스입니다. 무력하게 사라지는 장소에서, 우리는 기억하기 게임을합니다.현재의 집을 기억으로 만드는 작업을 합니다. 자발적인 기억속에서 우리는 집을 안전히 떠나 보낼 수 있을지 궁금합니다.