Artist and
Set Designer

Min Kyung Seo translates spatial concepts into objects and images. She uses elements of film- images, sound and movement- to experiment our cognitive process in a space. Interested in the use of a camera between people in front of and behind it, she constantly records, develops her own way to imply the process of documentary filming into her design method.







A Bite Of Void, Collective Doh, - Exhibition Scenography,
Albert Van Abbehuis, NL

Ways to See A Spinning Top, Collective Doh, Exhibition 
Eindhoven, NL

Dutch Design Week, Graduation Show 2021
Eindhoven, NL

Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Contexual Design, MA

Research Member, Listen to The City
(Research and activist collective), 
,Seoul, South Korea

University of California, Davis, USA
Landscape Architecture, BA